Event info

Event organisation

Competitor´s wristband is "hallmark" of participants, suportters etc. during the event. Please, hold your competitor´s wristband around your wrist during all event. Officials will check that one in accommodation schools, restaurant and additional program events. Wirstband is also cool way to show other peolpe that you have been part of the Youth Athletics Games 2018 in Finland!

If you lost your wristband, please take right away contact to TIC or supervisor of school accommodation.

Every game package includes an official competition product. The 2018 product will be publised in March 2018.

Meals A (ja A+), B-package:
Lunch will be served:
Thu 14.6, 12.00-17.00
Fri 15.6, 11.30-16.30
Sat 16.6, 11.00-15.00

Breakfast and Evening snack A-package (A+ breakfast either Thu or Sun, evening snack either Wed or Sat):
Breakfast served at Leppävaaran Lukio:
Thu 14.6, 8.00-9.30
Fri 15.6, 6.30-10.00
Sat 16.6, 6.30-10.00
Sun 17.6, 6.30-10.00
Evening snack at Leppävaaran lukion:
Wed 13.6, 18–22.00
Thu 14.6, 18-22.00
Fri 15.6, 18-22.00
Sun 16.6, 18-22.00


Thursday Ham and potato casserole - Vegetable casserole
Friday Chicken and noodle casserole - Vegetable and noodle casserole
Saturday Minced meat and spaghetti casserole - Vegetable and spaghetti casserole

1] YAG game package A

Leppävaaran Lukio and Veräjäpellon parakkikoulu, Veräjäpellonkatu 10 (and 12), 02650 Espoo

  • Entitles the athlete to accommodate at a school (breakfast and supper included) from Thursday to Saturday. If needed, the accommodation can be arranged from Wendsday 13th June and till 17th June.
  • At schools the accommodation is in class rooms, bigger groups will have their own class room. Please note, that sleeping is on the floor and the LOC does not provide mattresses, sleeping bags, pillows or blankets. YAG game package A for coaches and careers includes the same accommodation conditions and services as game package A for athletes.
  • Breakfast and supper are served at the schools – please note, that there is no supper on Wendsday evening.
  • Every group will be responsible for the cleanliness of their own accommodation room. The class rooms will be checked by officials before the group has left.
  • Game Package A includes also registration and more - read from Registration page.

Check in first at the raceoffice (Leppävaara stadium, Veräjäpellonkatu 17) where you will get your participation material and instructions for the accomodation.

2) Hotel rooms (requests during April!)
Glo Hotel Sello, Leppävaara Espoo
GLO Hotel Sello is situated in an ideal location in Leppävaara, next to the Sello Shopping Mall. Cozy GLO Hotel Sello is a good choice, when you want spend time shopping or quality time with your family during the games. Hotel Glo is about 5 minutes walk from stadion.

* Single or double rooms, including breakfest.
* Also family rooms.
* Reservation directly from hotel - https://www.glohotels.fi/en/hotels/glo-sello. You will get a special price with code: PROESPOO

Hotel Hellsten, Leppävaara Espoo

Forenom-hotel Espoo

  • 2 person rooms and few 3 or 4 person rooms
  • At Leppävaara center, close to stadion.
  • All requests: yag@sul.fi 


Youth Athletics Games will offer all participants, team members and supporters some additional program.

Event market place
Event market place is next to the Leppävaara stadium and is open all the day during competitions.
Opening times:
Thursday 14 - 18.00
Friday 10 - 20.00
Saturday 09 - 20.00
Sunday 09 - 12.00

Motonet GP Games 13.6.2018
All YAG-packages include entrance to Espoo Motonet GP Games at Wendsday evening starting from 5:30PM.
More info of Motonet GP Espoo will be here before the end of March.

All accomondation schools will locate on walking distance from the competition venue.

The parking areas will be close to the stadium and marked by P -letter on the map. 

There will be First aid groups at the competition area during the event times. 

All competitors will have incurance organized by LOC during the event.

You can also be part of the organisation group in top event of youth athletics!

You can get lot of different kind of experiece for diffrent kind of jobs. We will give you certificate for your job which is valuable in future.
YAG connect people, meet new friends and keep in touch with them after event too.